Work with us


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Working with us as a volunteer is not always easy

but the best thing when you want to grow to your full potential.


Have a look here on this page what you can and cannot expect.


If you are looking for a perma farm experience like other

organic and perma farms offer than you picked the wrong place :-)


It is locationwise as well as organisationwise very different

to the structures you find all over the planet.


Read through the pages to get a glimpse of what you can expect

and then have a good night s sleep over it. If you are still

or even more convinced that this will be the thing for you,

then pack your stuff and get going :-)





- Internet access (whenever Maroc Telecom makes sure the landline works)


- Nine 3x3 & 4x4m guest rooms which at the moment share one bathroom which is across the yard and are spartanically furnished yet, we will change that step by step. We will build some clay brick houses to offer even more space for volunteers and guests. We decided to change the main building into volunteer s rooms as well so now we can accomodate a maximum of 18 people. A second bathroom/toilet will be installed so we can separate women s and men s facilities.


You can get a room, single or shared when you volunteer to help us by donating your time and work. In that case you do not pay a single penny, you just agree to work with us as explained on these pages.




- Electricity, 230V, current may vary from 180-250V according to my USV, we have a generator in case of emergency but all we really need is candles and some full bottles of gas to cook in case the electricity goes.


- Water in great quality, coming right from our own well, filtered and energized from our water eggs 




- Full board, will say breakfast, lunch and dinner, of which at least one will be a warm meal, depending on my wife s time and mood. If you are vegetarian that s OK, we rarely have meat anyway. If you are vegan or have any fancy ideas about how your food has to be prepared you are welcome to help in the kitchen, self cater and cook.


- 360 sunny days a year, but beware, nov, dec & january are cold months, the temperature will go down to slightly over 0 at night some days and daytime we have "only 20" degrees C.




- poisonous insects, snakes and small animals (you leave them in peace and they will leave you in peace :-)


- lots of freedom when it comes to your work, we are sure that everybody will live up to his and her full potential when given the freedom of choice and can integrate the person and the ideas into the project, we are at the end of the world down there and the term TOGETHER will soon have a new meaning for you


- time for cleanliness you can take whenever you need, this includes you, your personal space and our common space, we live and work there together and i am sure you wouldn t like to sit next to a guy or girl who worked all day, sweated like a horse and by the lack of taking a shower for some days smells worse than a wet stray dog :-)

So please take your personal hygiene serious, it is part of your overall spirit and how you treat your inner world, will say your body, shows also how you treat your external world.


- lots of good times and never ever boredom







- TOILET PAPER - we learned and enjoy the fact that it is much cleaner and hygienical to wash your back, that is also why you will find in all toilets buckets and a small faucet or tap to supply you exactly what you need for your personal after-crap hygiene, WATER


- CHEMICALS - of any kind, no artifiial soaps, shampoos, etc etc etc. We supply you for free with morocan olive soap which makes a geat shower gel when mixed with a little water, or shampoo when mixed with a little sand. JUST REMEMBEER that all water you use will go back in to the ground where we will take our drinking water from. And once the organic water treatment plants are built you don t want to ruin several weeks work and kill flora and fauna of the system by pouring some chemicals into the sink or toilet.


- INSURANCE of any kind - if you still believe that an insurance will make sure you won t get hurt, injured, you won´t stumble or fall, or gives you any kind of help in the middle of nowhere, be so kind and get your own insurance or seek a place as a volunteer somewhere else.


We learned a long time ago that the first and most important fact in your life is to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, so one starts eating what supports your health and well being and do behave accordingly.


As a father with 2 kids and with quite some travel experience i do have a homeopathic pharmacy with several dozen of the most used globuli as well as a colloidal generator to make colloidal silver and colloidal copper on the spot.


- EGOISM - we can´t offer and won´t tolerate that on our place, we are in this together, on a small and a global scale. All forms of -ism, egoism, racism, fears of any kind are the causes for the shit we and our planet are going through.


You feel you need that or live that then please go somewhere else, there are places you can live and get that in abundance but not here with us. Give the respect you expect to receive to the people you deal with and all will be fine as you will be treated accordingly ;-)


- WORK STRESS - the work we do i for my part do not count as work at all, as do most volunteers. There are things which have to be done and there is an incredible amount of freedom each helper has. All you have to take care of is that you get the work done with your fellow volunteers but how, when and where things are done will be decided on the spot by all participating people.




You are supposed to learn as much as possible so you will be taught all you want to know, better said all i know, and all the other volunteers know,. We are all students as well as teachers here. You will share your knowledge and talents as others will do too. That way we all have the most from each other and once you get the hang of it you won t work any other system any more.



We are listed with (Host ID MOR019), HelpX (Host ID 15646) and and offer space for a maximum of 18 voluntary helpers a time.


 That might become more when we start building the planned clay dome houses, but as for now 18 at a time is max.


Please feel free to get in touch with us to see if we do have an opening at the time window which suits you and your life best, after you read through this page to get an idea what we would like to see in a volunteer we accept to work and live with us. Thanks.




We are looking for active supporters, likeminded people, folks which love to learn and same time share their knowledge.


People who respect others as they respect themselves and won t impose on them no matter what.


We would love to see people on our yard which are interested in permafarming, agnihotra, electro-magneto culture, orgon and whatever could just help to accelerate and increase growth and quality of plants (and people).


You should either know about that stuff or be interested in learning all there is about it.


Because in that case working with us you won´t consider work, just as i consider what i do fun & life and not obligation & stress, though it takes up easily 12 and more hours of my day. Get the point?


So we need likeminded people who won´t mind a 5 or 6 day week of work. When there is lots to do we work longer and when there is few to do we enjoy our free time, so please don´t pin me on working hours.


It´s a farm, there can be 14 hours of work a day and more or just one or two, without animals there is more flexibility and you can have 2 days off a week. We are flexible and so should be you.



We have two kids and enjoy being around when they grow up, so playtime is just as important as worktime for us. Better know right now that our 2 girls will be all the time omnipresent, they are curious and will ask you questions :-)

If there s time be so kind and answer them to your best knowledge, it s part of their educational process.




We hope you understand that we need every hand to get and keep the 10000 square meters of land watered, fed and cared for every day until we got the place changed into a small paradise which will maintain itself and its occupants all of the time. So the first 6 months will be much more work than any time afterwards.




Volunteers can send a simple email giving us some details like name, age, experiences and why they would work their arse off for no pay , lousy food and lukewarm water in the middle of nowhere. ;-)


Somewhere where it´s in summer as hot as in an oven and where there is nowhere to go after work except down to the cool and sandy river banks, stroll through the shady and clear palm grove, climb up in the hills to enjoy the fantastic view over the valley or hitch hike 30km up the road to Zagora.


We expect of you as a volunteer that you treat your fellow volunteers as well as us the respect and freedom of choice you will receive.


The place is thought to sustain itself as well as the people living and working there, who in turn will have to make sure that all the bills can be paid at the end of the month. (As long money exits) As a volunteer you do that by helping with the talents you can offer while same time profiting of the possibility to learn as much as you can about the systems we use to cultivate plants of all kinds.


We can call each other up via phone or skype to have some more chats about you and us and when we both get the feeling it´s a fit you can decide to come to stay with us and we will welcome you with open arms.


I want to make clear right now and here that this is, at least for us, one of the nicest, peacefulliest and loveliest places on earth, but it is right in the middle of nowhere, in a small palm grove not far from the algerian border, has some harsh weather conditions and with the next bigger city 4 hours by car up some nasty roads.




So better search for another place in case you can not stand 0 degrees centi-grade at night in winter and up to 50+ degrees during noon in summer and same time some really spartanic living conditions.




Also i want to make clear that not all work on the farm is farming.


There are lots of tasks and we would like everybody who volunteers here to share his talents and knowledge with us as we do with him or her.

Like every other place on earth we are forced to earn some money to pay the bills by the end of the month.




Don´t be surprised when we have to set priorities which might place the actual growing of plants and experiments on second place once in a while. 


Together we will try to avoid that as good as possible but when the bills aren t paid the project stops as quick as it started. Please keep that in mind.


Just do like i do, come with the lowest possible expectations and everything you discover will be better as expected :-)


The volunteers´ quarters are approximately 3x3 and 4x4m each room, it´s the building to the left of the entrance when looking from inside the yard out.


It is about 26m long and 4m wide, it consists of 6 identical rooms. The main building will be changed into bathrooms, toilets, living room  and small kitchen in case someone would enjoy to do some cooking, tea, coffee or whatsoever.


Also we think it would be nice to put up a 2m sun roof in front of the doors so one can sit outside in the shade. Proposals and good ideas are welcome.











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