Travel Preps


Paperwork - Water - Food - Transport - Medical



you need a valid passport which will have at least a validity of 6 months you might get your passport renewed in the embassy of your country but that will be in Rabat so you will have to plan for a 1400km round trip with one or several days in Rabat, the countries capital.



this is voluntary work, you work here on an private basis, you are a donor, somebody who gives voluntarily, it s a private agreement between me and you, you are a guest an not some hired help so as far as you are concerned, you are considered officially a tourist for the duration of your stay in Morocco. If you enjoy a hammock at the beach or sweat while planting seeds is your choice.



the DL of your country is enough and there is no or very few driving involved anyway as long as you stay with us, plus we are very very very far away of the countries authorities.


So there are few or no controls whatsoever, in 10 years driving through the country i never had any serious trouble which doesn t mean that you should have some kind of DL if you plan to drive down here and just in case there would be some kind of accident. Which brings us to the next point, if you decide to come down here with a ...



If you come here with your own car you and the car have 6 months a year to stay here. After 6 months the car has to leave the country or has to be paid customs duty. You don´t want to to that, it´s incredibly expensive. 5-9000 Euros for an old Golf 3 or 4. Other cars are mostly even more expensive and anyway, they changed the law so now the maximum age of a car who can be imported is 5 years. The same is valid for a motorbike.


Car rental down here is from approximately 40 Euros/day till about 120 Euros /day for a big 4x4 Toyota or similar. We can arrange that through friends down here.


IF you decide to drive down here we would be more than happy if you could say that well up front and bring us some stuff from europe, i can arrange the stuff being sent to you and you just pack it in your boot and that´s it. There are lots of small things one simply can´t buy or find down here.



We have our car down here and rely on it so i do not really like to share it out for some kind of trip to the city. An accident or expensive damage would cost us easily a lot of money and a 2-4 weeks trip back to Europe. You can come with us to town any time we drive there and bring your bicycle with you if you want. Or hitchhike as do most of the locals down here.


Once in town you get everywhere for pennies with the small taxis (petite taxi) or the CTM busses which connect most of the morocan towns.



you can stay inside the country for 3 months which can be extended at the local police station another 3 months, after that you d need to register for a resident s card or have a short trip to spain or some other bordering country to get another 6 months


Food: We are in the Sahara desert and the food you will find in the area will be the food you get served. Get yourself an idea about the local cuisine, dishes like Couscous and Tagine will be commonplace as my wife is a very good cook, mastering the morocan as well as the european cuisine.


Water: We do not serve anything else than water and teas, as we don´t drink anything else. Better said rarely. Depending on the season we make orange juice, and of course lots of tea. Green tea with morocan mento as well as lemon verbena tea or sage tea. Polei mento, called fliyou (pron.: flee-you) here, my wife enjoys as well as black tea.


In the shops in town you get all kinds of stuff, from Coke to Fanta and all that other crap, basically everything you can find in your supermarket too. But that you will have to buy yourself. Water and tea is free and you can have as much as you want.


One more word to the water. We use filtered water from the local well. Everybody drinks it, they are all still alive and kicking and if i imagine the efficiency of a several meters thick clay filter i understand why the quality of the water is so good down here. You want bottled water, you´ll have to buy it.


We use water eggs to store and serve our water. A water egg is like a water dispenser in the shape of an egg. It is made from clay which in our case got soaked for several days in water with Agnihotra ash. The size is approximately 2 gallon and it stays clean, fresh and cool in there and gets energized same time. You won´t get better water anywhere.


Alcohol is fairly expensive but there are local and imported beers and wines, as well as heavy stuff, you can buy. I think there should be a place in Zagora, but i don´t know where as i never bothered to buy some.


BTW the saying cook it, peel it or forget it is in my opinion, and experience, a load of crap. In nearly a decade of travels in Morocco and more than 20 years of travel in 12 countries worldwide i always ate everything i could lay my hands on and nearly never had any trouble. I suffered from food poisoning twice and both times it was my own fault, eating minced meat of unknown origin in summertime.



The medical service down here is not really well advanced and we do take care of 99% of our needs ourselves. We have a very well equipped homeopathic pharmacy and our own generator to make colloidal silver, a powerful antibiotic. And there are several pharmacies in town where you get or can order all you need.


In case of a serious problem we have to visit the local hospital in Zagora, but as long it is avoidable i won´t go there again. We once witnessed an accident and rushed the victim who got under a horse cart there. Believe me, it´s not exactly the place you want to be brought to when you are sick.

I´d have to get you to Ouarzazate or Agadir in that case. At least from Agadir you can be flown out if this becomes the last or best choice.


We never ever had that kind of situation, nor we ourselves neither friends, clients or people i know. It just isn´t a part of our reality.




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