The Place

Here is a link you can use to locate the exact wherebouts of our farm. Just click on the picture and another website wil open giving you all possibility to find us the easy way.




It is a very unusual farm as we do strive to make agriculture as easy and less work intensive as possible. Therfore we practise something we call AGNICULTURE, with is a combination of different techniques, including Hügelbeete, Agnihotra, Electro-Magneto culture, and much more. We built pyramids, use them to treat seeds and water and try out just about every ancient technique we think is worth trying.


Treating soil, seeds and plants is done at our place with ancient wisdom and systems and there is no chemicals or modern machinery we need to make our plants grow faster, stronger and healthier than anywhere else.  Soon you will be able to download a small booklet in PDF so you can profit from our work and achievements and turn your porch, garden, field or farm into a self- and yourself sustaining eco-system.


We strongly believe that once the first steps are accomplished within a year you can create a system which needs on the average 1 hour of work a day AND LESS to sustain one person all year long with food.





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