The presentations in Salzburg and Amiens were a huge success. We even had a spontaneous short presentation at a meeting of the free energy group in Munich on our way back. I ve been impressed with the openness and by the friendliness the french as well as the austrian people welcomed and treated us. It was really a big pleasure.




salzburg-22-9-12-002 salzburg-22-9-12-2_1


salzburg-22-9-12-6_1 salzburg-22-9-12-011





The dates are clear now, i will speak about AGNIHOTRA the


5.9.12 in Amiens, France


and as well the


22.9.12 in Salzburg, Austria.


So if you find the time and are not that far from one of the two place consider to meet me there.





Here the pictures of our dinner from last night. With 2 potatoes from the patch with the wires and some herbs fresh from the garden we were able to satisfy 4 adults.


kartoffel-22-08-02 kartoffel-22-08-03






The 15.August i ve been invited to speak about Agnihotra during a presentation Yannick van Doorne gave about ElectrMagnetoCulture near Munich. I even had one full day of time to get prepared :-)


So i apologize for the strong touch of improvisation you ll find during my talks. Nevertheless it has been so successfull that we were invited to hold another presentation together in Salzburg, Austria by the end of september.


Here are two small parts of my presentation, one about agnihotra and one about the water egg, ATTENTION both are as you might imagine in german.










HERE some more pictures added from march and april of this year. These are pictures from the Valley of the river Draa, the river itself, various places inside the palm grove, from the riad LES JARDINS DU DRA and some more places.




Just to give you more ideas how it looks like in the region.


Also HERE some more pictures from this year about what happens in our garden in germany. The Hugelbeete with the wires are great and will definitely be copied when we start building them big style in Beni Ali. Also the wood chips covered soil is one of the best things i stumbled about by now. It cuts down the time to weed out stuff you don t want by easy 70-80% and you need much less than half of the water as usual.







Our visit at the Summer fest at the Homafarm at Heiligenberg


HERE are the pictures of our visit at the summer meeting at the Homafarm in Heiligenberg near the Lake Boden (Bodensee) in southern Germany. We met some very interesting people and were positively surprised about the amount of new Agnihotris, people doing Agnihotra, growing now on a daily basis.


more here





14th of July i will be here:




i am sure there is much to learn and i will meet with some interesting people. All i will learn here i am going to share with our visitors and volunteers once we start our work in Beni Ali.





Here a picture of our Lovage approaching the 2,5m (10 feet) while standing with his feet in quartz sand and getting watered from time to time with structured water. The results shll be even better when a Agnihotra is applied on a regular base.


Click to enlarge

mike-lovage 001k












Message to all

WWOOFers, Helpx, Volunteers and people who would like to give us a hand:


The resonance of this project is getting bigger by the day and i would like to make it right from the beginning as open source as possible by giving everybody the chance to make suggestions and bring in his or her ideas how to conduct the project.


This will not be the usual WWOOF  or Farm project as you know it. I´d like to integrate everybody as much as possible so this just might become a place which sustains, feeds and takes care of the needs of all persons involved. EACH of you has ideas, experiences and talents to offer. Now is the time to show them and the place to bring them to good use. And once we created a place which sustains all participants as well financially it will be possible to receive a permanent residence permit for everyone.


I´d like to remind you that like everywhere else on the world there are bills to pay at the end of the month, so we simply have to create a place which after some time will turn over the money needed to pay all bills and hopefully more so investments can be recovered and new ones made.


IF we are so successful that the law of abundance strikes us big time we would enjoy to create a work place similar to what Ricardo Semler created in Brasil. If you take the time and read the 7 DAY WEEKEND you will catch the drift.


This picture of the yard i will use for measurments and supply everybody with a downloadable copy of it for the use in google sketchup. Everybody can now make changes or add to the yard what he or she feels should be installed, build or integrated.


click to enlarge


yard yard2 yard3 yard4






The following things i´d like you to keep in mind:


-the buildings can´t be changed in place or size


-neither the walls around the yard or where the entrance is


-somewhere central on the place a well shall be dug with 5-6m in diameter


-somewhere in the upper half, where are no trees, a house has to be built (approx 80-100m²)


-patches shall be placed always on the south-north axis


-patches shan´t be bigger than approx. 150x500cm (we need lots for the experiments!)


-trees can be planted wherever we want but palm trees have to remain untouched


-in the 4 corners and the center small columns will be placed permanently for the agnihotra bowls


-money doesn t have to be earned just by selling fruits and veggies, be creative, think up some ideas we can realize down there which might bring in the cash to grow. There is more land we can get, but we need to show first that we earn it.


This is only a little step to create a place where likeminded people can live and thrive. We can add easily half a dozen small clay half sphere houses to offer space for more participants. Just imagine how much work 20 people can do when pulling on the same string (in the same direction of course :-)


My best wishes







Article about Agnihotra and Radioactivity by Michael Wüst on



Have you ever heard of Kaiga, Stade or Olkiluoto? Doesn´t sound scary at all. What would you associate with the name of these towns? Could even be the latest name of a popular beverage or probably the name of a famous Asian plate. No idea what to think about them? Then what do you associate with names like Chernobyl or Fukushima? Ah, there you go, now you have the proper picture in your mind, nuclear power plants, radioactivity, huge trouble, sickness and death. There are nuclear power plants in all of these towns and much, much more. According to Wiki more than 150 nuclear power plants officially exist.(A) but even these are only the ones producing more than 1000 Megawatt’s.


Just let us make one short side step and think about what would you do having a painful inflammation of your tooth´s root canal? Or suffering from a broken arm because you fell down the stairway? Catching flu?  Exactly, you wouldn´t like it but you could simply visit a doctor or hospital to get the problem fixed. And you wouldn’t´ be scared, at least not too much. That is stuff which, in your opinion, can be fixed and won´t be lethal as long it is treated properly and in time.

On the other hand just thinking about being poisoned with radioactivity gives you the creeps as you first of all wouldn’t be able to pinpoint it or even feel it from the start and second there is very little you know of what to do once you actually are suffering from radioactive poisoning. All we know is that it is supposed to be as good as inevitable and eventually fatal because there is no known cure for radiation sickness. (B) Correct?


So what if this isn´t true? What if there is something, a herb, a medicine, a cure which gives you the possibility to actively protect you against radioactive poisoning. Against Radioactivity itself? Efficiently, not just a little! Not just taking potassium iodide (C) to hope to have your thyroid saturated enough so they won´t absorb anything radioactive. Something very inexpensive, very easy to use, something so simple the first thing coming to your mind is that this can´t be because it is too easy. Too good to be true. Why didn’t anybody tell me about it yet? Why isn´t it all over the media already?


Seems there is just that thing and it´s coming to humanity´s help right in time. What we need to protect us against the madness of our rulers and their nuclear dreams is something strong enough transforming harmful radiation into something which won´t harm us and the nature around us at all. Swords to plough shares so to speak. And this might just be an ancient Vedic ritual called Agnihotra. (D)


Agnihotra is so simple to perform even kids can learn it in no time at all. To simplify it a little, all you do is burn dried cow shit together with butter fat and some grains of rice in a copper bowl at a certain time a day while chanting away for some seconds a mantra, one so simple you can memorize it easily. Sounds good? Well it is.

As always i don´ t buy a story before I didn´t research it thoroughly or better even tried for myself. When i was introduced to Agnihotra all I was told was that it will do some kind of healing to me, my environment and especially to my plants. OK I thought, sounds good enough to give it a try.


I tried and have been impressed ever since. The effects it has on people, animals and plants are stunning and i can only tell you from my own experience that this stuff is by far the most powerful goodie i discovered for a long time. But my experiences with me, my family and in our garden are not the subject of this article. Here all which is important is that Agnihotra effectively transforms harmful stuff into something not harmful, to say the least. So I would say it has the capacity to save us from radioactivity and more. Much, more.


I am not a scientist and in my opinion one doesn´t need to know every detail as long as one knows how to use it. To drive your car to work and back you don´t need to know how the engine or transmission works. You know how to use it and that´s all you need to know to get you there and back home. Samething with Agnihotra. I know how to perform it.

I know what results it shows to me, my family, and my environment and especially to my plants. I do not know exactly why it does that and how. But for me this isn´t really important as long as is does what it does. If it gives me the possibility of saving the lives of my kids and my wife, besides having lots of other positive effects, I don´t care if I have to chant some Sanskrit words in front of a bowl with cow dirt on fire in it or if I have to dance in a pink ballerina outfit on the table of our living room. As long as there is a chance it might just do the trick I would try a lot of weird stuff and so would most of you I assume.


There were weird things happening while trying out Agnihotra on our last trip to Africa and also here at our place in Germany but I won´ t bore you with our stories. I want to give you the opportunity to discover for yourself that there exists something which might save your health, your life and the lives of the people around you.

It might even help to change some of the other negative energetic effects we all suffer from. There are too many reports about the effects Agnihotra have on harmful substances to ignore them. The story of preventing all dairy products of a farm in Austria showing signs of radioactivity after the accident in Chernobyl while all other farms were clearly affected. (E) Or stories of soil so poisoned that it was certified that there won´ t be any agriculture possible for decades and after 6 months of daily Agnihotra the harvest of vegetables was so abundant and healthy it was superior to organic.


There is scientific research (E) done about Agnihotra and the results were always positive. So why don´ t you take the time and do some more research you? After all your life might soon depend on it. If Fukushima blows up humanity itself might face extinction. This means you and all the people you love and respect will face the prospect to die more or less quick and painful. I have assembled a small list of links here and you can find lots of information when you search the net for yourself using Agnihotra as a search term.


A –

B –

C –

D –

E –


more links about Agnihotra and Radioactivity:





Article about our experiments by Michael Wüst on




Edited into a proper english by Scott Meredith from CMN.TV,

Thank you Scott, you´re the best.


For a couple of years now I have been interested how to use the small garden behind our house to minimize the costs of obtaining decent organic food. We are a family of 4 and if you want to eat proper fruits and veggies, you can run up a substantial monthly bill fairly quickly. So I started searching and experimenting. I could reduce the water bill fairly quickly with an Agnihotra Water Egg (0). Knowing what and how to grow veggies and fruits took more time. I quickly found lots of information but not what I was looking for, the “all-rounder”, the “little work – big gain” access to agriculture.




 On the other hand it seems there are more solutions already available than necessary, but very little is being promoted. And as always, lots of people sit on their good ideas like chickens on their eggs trying to turn the good ideas into cash, not sharing any knowledge or even worse publishing stuff that simply misleads curious people. Fortunately there are more and more exceptions and I am happy for that, but still there are lots of people with the point of view that it would be a good thing to not share any gained knowledge for whatever reason. It´s sad but they play into our elites´ hands even if they don´t want to.


 To them and everybody else I can only say: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND WAKE UP. THE TIME FOR EXCLUSIVENESS, HIDING, SECRETS AND EGO IS OVER. WE HAVE TO WORK T O G E T H E R! Humanity is facing a turning point of some kind, 2012, Armageddon, NWO, a new age, name it as you wish but we had better wake up and see that something is coming our way. We will survive only by helping each other. At this point in time I can not befriend the future planned for us by our so called leaders. I do not want to be a slave, not to them or to the money system, not to eat the crap they propagate to get me and my family poisoned by chemicals in food and air, vaccines, plastics and pharmaceuticals. At the same time watching them destroy our planet, the only home I know to have. Sorry, no can do. I do not see any reason why I should do so.


 And as a father of two kids I´d like to see them grow up in a world where they can decide for themselves what way they take, where they will live, what they will do and what they will eat. So besides evading harmful stuff I figured it would be a good idea to know how to grow the food and herbs we need most to aid our health as well as our finances.


 There are several systems I found which resonate strongly with me and I do not see any reason why they couldn´t be combined somehow. So I experimented, and still do, with electro-magneto-culture (1, 1 & 1). I gained knowledge and experiences with Agnihotra (2 & 2). I learned how to treat and prepare the soil like the guy from BACK TO EDEN (3) as well as building a Hügelbeet (4). Also I learned how to build plasterite cones (5) and pyramids (6), and got myself some moulds made and use the pyramids to store the seeds in them for some days before planting them.




 In my first year of experimenting, I grew peas and beans in flower pots filled with quartz sand, the cheap stuff you buy in a hardware shop if you are building a plastercast or floating floor. The plants got one liter of water for a starter and that was it. Within less than 6 weeks in the very, very dry spring of 2011, the plants grew from the dry seed to a fully developped plant including the pods. I documented this on my webpage (7). It´s not a joke but reality.


 But although they grew very fast, they stayed very small, nothing that would serve as more as a starter or some nice miniature for decoration. So this year I mixed the sand 50% with compost and watered it with Agnihotra water. We will see what happens this year. The pots are prepared just as last year with a galvanized steel wire 5mm in diameter, The wire runs around the pot in the upper quarter and is welded together to form a coherent ring. I then simply glued it to the pot to keep it in place.


 The trick is to attach a neodym magnet of about 10x10x10mm in size with its south pole facing towards the pot on the wire. Also a thumb size quartz crystal is inside the pot pushed into the sand just so you can’t see it anymore, pointing skywards opposite the magnet. The pot is turned so the magnet is pointing in a south-east direction and logically the crystal is located in the north-west “corner”. It seems it doesn´t matter if you have a square, oblong or round pot. If you really want to do something, you can check all that out in detail and with pictures on my website at under “Experiments”.


 As my location is in central Europe I am forced to accept that there are 4-6 months that I cannot do anything in my garden because it is simply too cold. We do get around that handicap from this year on as we rented a 1 hectare size farm in the Sahara next to the river Draa near the Morrocan-Algerian border. (A) It’s sunny there all year long and it is about 100 times as big as our tiny garden. So look out for part two of this article where I will give you all the details of what, when and where that will be and what we will do there.




 Anyway, although I am back from Africa a week ago, this year’s experiments have started already and I am absolutely convinced that the combination of electro-magneto-culture, Agnihotra and Agnihotra water (we have even built our own 4 gallon Agnihotra water eggs now) together with the knowledge of how to build up the layers of soil for normal plants and hugelbeets, will bring some very interesting results, to say the least. Already watering the plants with Agnihotra water has kept our lemon verbena growing in winter, when it usually strips all of its leaves. It doubled the size of a chinese cabbage within a week (B) as well as made a small orange tree grow more than 30 flowers in seven days while its sibling, watered normally, grows only leaves but no flowers.




 These are only a few examples of what can be done. Giving plants, and yourself, proper water instead of the dead liquid stuff coming out of your tap can´t be too difficult for anybody I assume. An Agnihotra Water Egg is a once in a lifetime investment and if you can spare a few minutes a day for your own proper Agnihotra ceremony (V) you won´t even need that. At least get yourself a water whirler (8) for your tap. If you put a wire around the flower pot and change the soil in it as it is found in a hugelbeet, you should grow monster tomatoes and huge bushes of sage, mentho and chamomile on your window sill all year long.


 All I can say is, do not wait for somebody to save you from whatever it is that happens now and might happen in the future. Save yourself, do whatever sized steps you can do, but start today. And do them every day. Don´t wait, don´t hesitate. If you are short of cash just buy a pot once a fortnight and prepare it with the plants you like most. Get a used one for free or pennies at the next flea market or car boot sale and find some herbs or seeds in nature, or simply ask friends or neighbours. Even better get a Agnihotra starter set (9) or a water egg to have good water for you and your plants and after several months your house, apartment and health will have changed without you even realizing it. I know it will work. It worked for me, for others and will also do the trick for you. All you have to do is DO IT YOURSELF AND DO IT NOW!


 And just to motivate you a little more, we currently grow on approximately 50m² of garden Blackcurrents, Blueberries, Strawberries, Potatoes, Cucumbers, Red, Green and Yellow Peppers, lots of Tomatoes, Carrots, Sweet corn, Red and Yellow Beans, Leeks and Lettuce as well as Sage, Lemon verbena, Morocan mint, Chocolate mint, Lovage, Thyme, Basil, Chives, Dill, Echinacea, Chamomile and lots of other herbs with very little time and effort involved but saving us at least some 3-4 months out of our budget a year. Not to mention the hundreds of liters of fantastic teas we enjoy all year long. I am convinced that with a 100m² garden and a little more time, you will sustain 2 people with food, or at least the biggest part of what you need, for a whole year. If you want to follow us and our experiments you can do that visiting and


 0 -
 1 -

 2 -

 3 -
 4 -
 5 -
 6 -
 7 -
 8 -
 9 -

 A –
 B -
 V -




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