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You will usually fly into Fes, Agadir, Tanger or Marrakesh as these are the international airports in Morocco. You will then have to get somehow to the GARE ROUTIERE which is the main Bus Station of the town.

In Fes and Casablanca as well as Agadir and Tanger the airports are outside town and you are forced to take a TAXI KABIR or GRAND TAXI to get to town. These are much more expensive as the TAXI SEGHIR or PETIT TAXI as they are called in Morocco.


In Marrakesh you might find a petit taxi as the airport is very close to the town but in ALL CASES you better ask for the fare before even giving your suitcase out of the hand. They will vary wildly and usually it is possible to find a shared taxi where 6 people will fit into one taxi kabir and you pay only a small part of the price. Look out for morocans heading direction of a taxi or a taxi kabir where several people are standing. To get into town and to the gare routiere you can calculate between 10 and 40 euros depending on town and driver. ALWAYS negociate, that s just the way it is.


When you are at the gare routiere you will have to locate the CTM Office (Company de Transport Marocain) and get your ticket to Zagora there. The CTM is fairly cheap and you should get to Zagora for 15-40 Euros depending where you start. You will have to stop at several other cities on your way so ak for the bus with the least stops, as there are buses using the highways and stopping everywhere and others taking the motorway and go straight from one big town to the next.
Once in Zagora you give me a call and i ll pick you up.


OR you take a taxi to us or hitchhike. People are very friendly down there and when you hitchhike you mention the next bigger town which would be Tamegroute for a start or Mhamid from there then. Even Beni Ali will be known and the drivers will either nod or shake their heads.





There are 2 routes from Tanger to Beni Ali,


Route 1
is the nicer one though longer, is from the north all the motorway down from Tanger via Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh to the penultimate exit before Agadir. It s called „Peage d Ameskroud“ which basically means toll point Ameskroud.

Leave the motorway there and take the left at the roundabout, then follow the road approximately 7 km until you see the gas station at your right, then after some 200m you take the right at the crossing and follow the road another 12 km till you hit the N10 in Ouled Teima.


You follow the N10 then till you are after approximately 220 km at Tazenakht and take the right in the town direction Agdz.After about 18km the road splits and you take the left . Keep going direction Agdz and once in Agdz you won t have a lot of options anyway. So you follow the signs direction Zagora until you hit the town.


Once you enter the town of Zagora you ll see that it s more or less a stretch of houses next to the main road, you enter the town and keep going straight on till you arrive at a roundabout with a huge building just behind it, that s the provinces gouverneurs palace.

The roundabout is more or less like an Y-crossing leaving you the choice of following the road to the right or to the left, here you take the left, it s going slightly downhill, around 2 bends and over a bridge, after the bridge only 100m down the road there s another roundabout where you turn right.   

It will lead you to Tamegroute and direction MHamid.
Now keep going straight on for 15km and you are at Tamegroute, drive straight through the town and again another 15km and you will be at another Y-section, basically it s a road leaving the N9 to the left, here you turn left

Follow the road for approx 300-400m and there we are on the right side of the road, you have to enter the dirt track which will lead you to the main gate, but you can see us already from the street





please be so kind and materialize in front of the main gate and use the bell so nobody will stumble over you the moment you arrive







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