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The experiments we do on our farm in the Sahara will be documented once we start them.


But to give you a first impression what orga-urkult, or ElectrMagneto Culture is about here some pictures of the hugelbeet in our garden in Germany. One is equipped with 2 wires, 5mm in diameter and beneath the ends, about 3-4 inches are steel balls of 25mm diameter burried.


Today, 5.5.12 i made some pcs as it was clearly visible the the patch with the wires was pushing much better than the second one. The first patch had already 11 potatoes sticking their leaves out of the ground while the second patch only showed 5 of them. Let´s just see what will show up once we get to harvest the potatoes.


Here the pictures of patch one, see the wires sticking out?

click to enlarge.


04-05-12-kartoffelbeet-1-02  04-05-12-kartoffelbeet-1-01


04-05-12-kartoffelbeet-1-04  04-05-12-kartoffelbeet-1-06


And here the pics of patch 2, i checked three times , there weren´t more than 5 plants out yet.




Now check ou the patches again only 5 days later, the plants grow fast. By now, it is the 16th of May there are nearly 50 plants out in patch one and the size is approximately double compared to patch 2. I am looking forward already to compare the patches once it s harvest time.


kartoffel-11-05-12-01 kartoffel-11-05-12-02 












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