Hello and welcome at our place.


We live and work here in the Sahara not far from Zagora, Morocco, in a small village known as Beni Ali. We create something which could be called a perma culture farm, but our main goal is to find the perfect mixture of different techniques to grow organic food fast and abundant.




We are combining Agnihotra, OrgaUrkult (ElectroMagneto culture) Hugelbeete, organic farming and more. We also take the time and are teaching volunteers as well as the local farmers about ways of accelerating growth and increasing quality of their plants substantially.




As good food and proper knowledge becomes more and more controlled and scarces we thought it is time to share all we learned and found out about how to grow healthy, tasty and organic food with everybody interested. Visit us in Morocco or just our website to learn more.




Everything we document, explain, photograph and show you here on these pages is what we gained by experience and we consider this knowledge open source so just use all info, texts and pictures as you like but with a reference to where you found it. Thank you for your support.



Here we provide all details, pictures and help we can give for free to everybody interested in gardening or farming. And if it was only some flower pots on your window sill.


We try to keep it as simply and easy reproducable as possible. After all even we had to learn what to do step by step. Lots of tries and lots of errors came our way and we hope by having a look at what we are doing you will be able to avoid some of our mistakes and take the short cut we didn´t discover when took that road.


You can browse through our site and pick up any kind of information you like or give us a hand if you think this project is worth supporting. We do offer a limited amount of space for volunteers as we do have momentarily 5 guest rooms.






Your stay with us is free of charge, we trade your time to help us for free board. If you only want to spend some time on our farm we would ask you to support the project with something of value like your actual work would do.


Basically it would be like a B&B but as we are no company (and don t want to be) we cannot ask you for money.


You´d have to donate some of your valuables instead of your time. Just check out the WORK WITH US section for details.









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