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-Agnihotra links

-Agnihotra and Radioactivity

-Where to get a bowl and other equipment

-How to perform a Agnihotra (video)


At this moment in time with the site still under construction and the project in preparation i would like you to visit my page and check out what i tried out under EXPERIMENTS, thank you.


The experiments we do on our farm in the Sahara will be documented once we start them november 2012.



Agnihotra Links


For information about Agnihotra have a look at these pages:


Worldwide Homa Therapy Link list



Agnihotra and RADIOACTIVITY Links:


Scientific studies about Agnihotra



Where to get a bowl and other equipment (listed as i found them, no specific order!)

(If you sell Agnihotra related things please send an email and i ll add your link to this list)


Germany (mostly with Europewide or worldwide shipping)


Shop 1

Shop 2

Shop 3

Shop 4

Shop 5

Shop 6




Shop 1




Shop 1

Shop 2




Shop 1




shipping directly from India


How to perform a Agnihotra (video):





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